Lego Rock Raiders

Skip Bandit's missionDown, Triangle, Down, Circle, Up, Down, Square, Triangle, Left, Down, Up, Circle, Triangle, Left, Down, Down, Left, Triangle, Left, Square, Circle, Down
Skip Axle's missionCircle, Triangle, Right, Triangle, X, Up, Triangle, Right, Circle, Right, Left. Down, Up, Right, Triangle, Circle, Up, Right, Square, Square, Circle, Right
After Jet's missionX, Triangle, Right, Triangle, Up, Down, Square, Triangle, Left, Down, Up, Circle, Triangle, Left, Down, Down, Left, Triangle, Left, Up, Circle, Right
After Doc's missionUp, Square, X, Triangle, Up, Circle, Left, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Left, Down, Circle, Up, Down, Circle, Triangle, Up, Down, Up, Triangle, X
After Spark's missionRight, Square, Left, Up, X, Down, Circle, Down, Square, Triangle, Up, Down, Circle, Left, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Up, Square, Triangle, Left
Trapped mission completeTriangle, Circle, Right, Triangle, Square, Square, Down, Right, Left, Triangle, Circle, Left, Up, Right, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Right

Game Shark Codes

North American Version

Infinite Dynamite on Pick-UpD009E79C 0001
80128334 0009
Infinite Pusher Beam on Pick-UpD009E79C 0001
8011E424 0063
Infinite Freezer Beam on Pick-UpD009E79C 0001
8011E434 0063
Infinite Laser Beam on Pick-UpD009E79C 0001
8011E454 0063
Infinite ShieldD00537E4 1023
800537E8 0064
D0054748 0002
8005474C 0064
All Green Energy Crystals CollectedD009E79C 0001
800C1C90 000C
Press L2 For All Green Energy Crystals CollectedD00B6FEE FEFF
800C1C90 000C
All Red Energy Crystals CollectedD009E79C 0001
800C1C8C 0005
Press L2 For All Red Energy Crystals CollectedD00B6FEE FEFF
800C1C8C 0005
All Lego Ores CollectedD009E79C 0001
800C1C88 03E7
Press L2 For All Lego Ores CollectedD00B6FEE FEFF
800C1C88 0063
All Rock Raiders RescuedD009E79C 0001
800C1C98 0006
Press R2 For All Rock Raiders RescuedD00B6FEE FDFF
800C1C98 0009
Time Always at 00:00D009E79C 0001
800C1D5C 0000
Tool ModifierD009E79C 0001
8011E46C 00??
Have Medals ModifierD0030920 0015
80030922 1000
D00309CC 2821
800309D0 00??
D00309CC 2821
800309D2 2403
Quantity Digits to Accompany Tool Modifier Code
00 - Pusher Beam
01 - Freezer Beam
02 - Dynamite
03 - Laser Beam
Quantity Digits to Accompany Medals Modifier Code
00 - None
01 - Bronze
02 - Silver
03 - Gold

European and Australian (PAL) Version

Infinite Time8009E6EC 0000
Infinite Green Crystal800AE220 0063
Infinite Lego-Ore800AE218 0063
Infinite Red Crystal800AE21C 0063
Infinite Rock Raiders Saved800AE228 0063

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