Libero Grande
Play as Gregorio Zonaras

Beat arcade mode on the normal difficulty setting.

Play as Arnold Lang

Score over 10,000 points in "Challenge 9" mode.

Play as Roland, Edgard Cailaux, Powel Gardner, or Gerald Wells

Win the International Cup with all countries on the hard difficulty setting.

Play as Ruprecht Goes

Unlock the last three options in "Challenge 9" mode.

Play as David Magellan

Score over 11,500 points in "Challenge 9" mode on all difficulty settings.

Play as Maurice Poulenc

Achieve and overall accumulated score of 100 with Brazil in "vs. CPU" mode.

1998 World Cup France mode

Select "International Cup" and highlight the "New Game/Continue" option. Then, hold X + Select + Circle + Start and press Triangle. Now all teams will be exactly the same as in the 1998 World Cup France Final.

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