Lucky Luke
Level passwords

Train 1[Dalton] [Dalton] [Lucky Luke] [Jolly Jumper]
Train 2 [Lucky Luke] [Lucky Luke] [Jolly Jumper] [Rantamplan]
Pueblos[Dalton] [Jolly Jumper] [Lucky Luke] [Rantamplan]
Mine[Lucky Luke] [Jolly Jumper] [Dalton] [Rantamplan]
Indian desert[Rantamplan] [Rantamplan] [Dalton] [Jolly Jumper]
Saloon [Dalton] [Dalton] [Jolly Jumper] [Rantamplan]
Waterfall 1 [Dalton] [Lucky Luke] [Lucky Luke] [Jolly Jumper]
Waterfall 2 [Rantamplan] [Dalton] [Lucky Luke] [Lucky Luke]
Wagon Race[Rantamplan] [Dalton] [Dalton] [Jolly Jumper]
Bush wackers [Jolly Jumper] [Dalton] [Rantamplan] [Rantamplan]
Dalton City[Jolly Jumper] [Jolly Jumper] [Lucky Luke] [Rantamplan]

Game Shark Codes

Money800A1A64 03E8
Lives800A1A60 0009
Dynamite800A1A66 0009

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