Madden NFL 2003

Strategy Guide


Game Shark Codes

Home Team Infinite Time Outs3006F346 0003
Home Team No Time Outs3006F346 0000
Home Team Scores 03006F344 0000
Home Team Scores 1003006F344 0064
Away Team Infinite Time Outs30071426 0003
Away Team No Time Outs30071426 0000
Away Team Scores 030071424 0000
Away Team Scores 10030071424 0064
Press Select + R1 For Home Team Win P1D007F33E F7FE
3006F344 0063
D007F33E F7FE
30071424 0000
Press Select + R2 For Away Team Win P1D007F33E FDFE
3006F344 0000
30071424 0063
Press Select + X For 1st Down P1D007F33E BFFE
3006BC54 0001
Press Select + Circle For 4th Down P18006F610 4EC0
8006F612 4EC0
8006F614 4EC0

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