Madden NFL '97

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Hidden teams

Start an exhibition game. Select any two teams and the controller options. Then, enter "TIBURON" as a user record name and press X to accept. Press Circle to return to the team select page, where there will be 8 more teams available: AFC Pro Bowl, NFC Pro Bowl, All-Time All-Madden, All '60s, All '70s, All '80s, EA Sports, and Tiburon. The hidden teams may also eventually be selected randomly by holding L2 + R2 in exhibition mode.

View FMV sequences

When the black screen with the PlayStation logo appears during the loading of the game, hold R1 or R2. If you entered the code correctly, a screen titled "Cinematics" will appear instead of the title screen. Then the winning, losing and Super Bowl FMV sequences may be viewed.

Game Shark Codes

Bonus Teams80080718 006B
Infinite Time80080E5C 012C
Infinte Time to Choose a Defensive Play800804E8 0036
Infinite Time to Choose a Play [Note]80080DC4 0063
Home Team Infinite Time Outs8008A642 0002
Home Team Score Modifier8008A640 ????
8008D1E8 ????
8008A9DC ????
Away Team Infinite Time Outs80088682 0003
Away Team Score Modifier80088680 ????
8008D1E4 ????
8008A9D4 ????

Note: You must turn the Game Shark off to hike the ball.

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