Strategy Guide


Cheat mode (PAL version)

Pause the game, then hold L2 and press Down, Up, Square, Triangle(2), Circle, Down, Up, Square, Triangle.

Extended cheat mode (PAL version)

Pause the game, then hold L2 and press Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle(2), Triangle, Left, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Circle, Left(2), Triangle, Right, Circle, Left(2), Triangle, Circle, Down, Circle(2), Right.

Level select (PAL version)

Pause the game and enable the "Cheat mode" and "Extended cheat mode" codes. Then, go to the camera option and select plug-in "8". Press Start to resume the game. A sword and text will appear on the screen. Use R1, R2, L1, or L2 to move and zoom the camera. Use the D-pad to point the sword at a destination, then pause the game. Go to the camera option again and press X to change the plug-ins to "Clear. Press Start to resume the game at the selected level.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite LivesD00F8178 0000
800F8178 012C
Press L2 + R2 For Full HealthD00F192C 0A00
800F8174 012C
Press L2 + R2 For Infinite CashD00F192C 0A00
800F828C 2710
Press Select For Small SwordD00F192C 1000
800F81F4 1000
Press Select For Broad SwordD00F192C 1000
800F81F8 1000
Press Select For Magic SwordD00F192C 1000
800F81FC 1000
Press Select For ClubD00F192C 1000
800F8200 1000
Press Select For HammerD00F192C 1000
800F8204 1000
Press Select For Throwing DaggerD00F192C 1000
800F8208 1000
Press Select For AxeD00F192C 1000
800F820C 1000
Press Select For Chicken DrumstickD00F192C 1000
800F8210 1000
Press Select For CrossbowD00F192C 1000
800F8214 1000
Press Select For Long BowD00F192C 1000
800F8218 1000
Press Select For Flaming BowD00F192C 1000
800F821C 1000
Press Select For Magic BowD00F192C 1000
800F8220 1000
Press Select For SpearD00F192C 1000
800F8224 1000
Press Select For LightningD00F192C 1000
800F8228 1000
Press Select For Good LightningD00F192C 1000
800F822C 1000
Press Select For Chaos RuneD00F192C 1000
800F8230 0001
Press Select For Earth RuneD00F192C 1000
800F8234 0001
Press Select For Moon RuneD00F192C 1000
800F8238 0001
Press Select For Star RuneD00F192C 1000
800F823C 0001
Press Select For Time RuneD00F192C 1000
800F8240 0001
Press Select For Copper ShieldD00F192C 1000
800F827C 0096
Press Select For Silver ShieldD00F192C 1000
800F8280 0096

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