Megaman Legends 2

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Note: This game is also titled Rockman Dash 2.

Megaman Legends music

Go to the Manda Island ruins (not caverns) to hear music from the original Megaman Legends ruins. For music from the Sub-Cities go to the Digout in Nino Island and enter the elevator.

Rapid fire

Hold Square and rapidly press Forward. This is very helpful in acquiring the Class S License, against the time consuming purple things. One disadvantage is that you will have difficulty dodging against the fast ones. However, overall this is very good against slow and immobile ones. You will not need to upgrade your energy and rapid after learning this technique.

Side roll

Press R1 + Jump to roll to the right or L2 + Jump to roll to the left. This is the most useful way to evade an enemy's attack.

Jet Skates/Hydrojets

While skating, hold Up to increase or Down to decrease the speed. Press L1 for a medium left turn or R1 for a medium right turn. Hold Down + Left + L1 for extreme left cornering and Down + Right + R1 for extreme right cornering.

Extra diffculty settings

Successfully complete and save the game. Return to the main menu, choose the "Game Start" option and all difficulty settings will be now selectable. Here is what you receive for the difficulty setting you choose to start a new game with:


Receive more Zenny from defeated enemies, enemies are easy to defeat, start with a Buster Part Accessory Pack Omega, and start with a Class C License (you can still enter any of the ruins).


This is the mode you play for the first time before unlocking the other difficulty settings. You start with a Class B License.


Receive less Zenny from defeated enemies, enemies are difficult to defeat, and start with a Class S License.

Very Hard

Enemies are very difficult to defeat and start with a Class SS License.


Game Shark Codes

North American Version

Reverse Joker CommandD009BEF8 ????
Infinite Health8008C120 0200
Max Health8008C122 0200
Infinite Zenny8009C820 FFFF
Max Zenny8009C820 967F
8009C822 0098
Infinite Time (Diggers Test)8009C910 1517
Infinite Water Pressure (To Put Out Flames)8008C24A 0100
Poisoned by Little Slugs Wears Off Very Quickly8008C168 0000
Have All Buster Parts (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)50001F01 0001
3008C25C 0001
Have All Buster Parts (Caetla Users Only)B01F0001 00000001
3008C25C 0001
Time is Always 00:00:008009C818 0000
8009C81A 0000
Press L2 + X For Moon Jump (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)E009BEF9 0041
8008C0EA FF20
Equipped Helmet Modifier3008C252 00??
Equipped Shoes Modifier3008C253 00??
Equipped Armor Modifier3008C254 00??
Equipped Buster Part 1 Modifier3008C258 00??
Equipped Buster Part 2 Modifier3008C259 00??
Buster Part Item Slot Codes
Slot 13008C25C 00??
Slot 23008C25D 00??
Slot 33008C25E 00??
Slot 43008C25F 00??
Slot 53008C260 00??
Slot 63008C261 00??
Slot 73008C262 00??
Slot 83008C263 00??
Slot 93008C264 00??
Slot 103008C265 00??
Slot 113008C266 00??
Slot 123008C267 00??
Slot 133008C268 00??
Slot 143008C269 00??
Slot 153008C26A 00??
Slot 163008C26B 00??
Slot 173008C26C 00??
Slot 183008C26D 00??
Slot 193008C26E 00??
Slot 203008C26F 00??
Slot 213008C270 00??
Slot 223008C271 00??
Slot 233008C272 00??
Slot 243008C273 00??
Slot 253008C274 00??
Slot 263008C275 00??
Slot 273008C276 00??
Slot 283008C277 00??
Slot 293008C278 00??
Slot 303008C279 00??
Slot 313008C27A 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Equipped Helmet Modifier Code
00 - Nothing
01 - Normal Helmet
02 - Padded Helmet
03 - Makes MegaMan an Unknown Female Character (Glitches)
Quantity Digits to Accompany Equipped Shoes Modifier Code
00 - Nothing
01 - Jet Skates
02 - Hydrojets
03 - Asbestos Shoes
04 - Cleated Shoes
05 - Hover Shoes
06 - Makes MegaMan Roll (Glitches)
Quantity Digits to Accompany Equipped Armor Modifier Code
00 - Nothing
01 - Normal Armor
02 - Padded Armor
03 - Padded Armor Omega
04 - Link Armor
05 - Link Armor Omega
06 - Kevlar Armor
07 - Kevlar Armor Omega
Quantity Digits to Accompany Buster Parts Modifier Codes
00 - Nothing
01 - Power Raiser
02 - Power Raiser Alpha
03 - Power Raiser Omega
04 - Turbo Charger
05 - Turbo Charger Alpha
06 - Turbo Charger Omega
07 - Range Booster
08 - Range Booster Alpha
09 - Range Booster Omega
0A - Rapid Fire
0B - Rapid Fire Alpha
0C - Rapid Fire Omega
0D - Blaster Unit
0E - Buster Unit
0F - Power Blaster
10 - Sniper Unit
11 - Autofire Unit
12 - Blaster Unit Omega
13 - Buster Unit Omega
14 - Power Blaster Omega
15 - Sniper Unit Omega
16 - Autofire Unit Omega
17 - Upgrade Pack
18 - Booster Pack
19 - Energizer Pack
1A - Upgrade Pack Omega
1B - Booster Pack Omega
1C - Energizer Pack Omega
1D - Accessory Pack
1E - Accessory Pack Alpha
1F - Accessory Pack Omega

Japanese Version

Infinite Health8008C3C8 00A0
8008C3CA 00A0
Infinite Zenny8009CAC8 967F
8009CACA 0098
Max Special Weapon3008C4E9 0063
Time is Always 00:00:008009CAC0 0000
8009CAC2 0000

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