Mystic Dragon


Game Shark Codes

Infinite Money800E5A3C 423F
800E5A3E 000F
Max Magic800E3DBE FFFF
All Items Weapons (Caetla Users Only)B1000004 00000001
800E5A40 0000
B1000004 00000000
800E5A42 6060
Main Character
Max HP800E3AE0 270F
Max MP800E3AE2 270F
Exp800E3AA8 03E7
Atc800E3AE4 03E7
Def800E3AE6 03E7
Mgc800E3AE8 03E7
Spd800E3AEA 03E7
Mdf800E3AEC 03E7
Luk800E3AEE 03E7
2nd Character
Max HP800E3B8C 270F
Max MP800E3B8E 270F
Exp800E3B54 03E7
Atc800E3B90 03E7
Def800E3B92 03E7
Mgc800E3B94 03E7
Spd800E3B96 03E7
Mdf800E3B98 03E7
Luk800E3B9A 03E7
3rd Character
Max HP800E3C38 270F
Max MP800E3C3A 270F
Atc800E3C3C 03E7
Def800E3C3E 03E7
Mgc800E3C40 03E7
Spd800E3C42 03E7
Mdf800E3C44 03E7
Luk800E3C46 03E7
4th Character
Max HP800E3CE4 270F
Max MP800E3CE6 270F
Atc800E3CE8 03E7
Def800E3CEA 03E7
Mgc800E3CEC 03E7
Spd800E3CEE 03E7
Mdf800E3CF0 03E7
Luk800E3CF2 03E7
5th Character
Max HP800E3D90 270F
Max MP800E3D92 270F
Atc800E3D94 270F
Def800E3D96 270F
Mgc800E3D98 270F
Spd800E3D9A 270F
Mdf800E3D9C 270F
Luk800E3D9E 270F

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