Point Blank 2

Strategy Guide


Note: This game is also titled Gun Barl.

Hidden options

At the main menu, shoot at the edge of the far right side of the screen several times. Then, choose the "Options" selection to access more choices.

Game Shark Codes

Point Blank Castle Mode Codes
Infinite Lives P1800BD4E8 0003
Infinite Lives P2800BD4EA 0009
Theme Park Mode Codes
Infinite Lives800A8D48 0009
Infinite Time Haunted House800B263C 012C
Max Targets Hit Super Bullet TrainD00B30BC 0000
800B30BC 0FFF
Max Targets Hit Cosmic DriveD00B3248 0000
800B3248 0063
Max Targets Hit Abyss ToursD00A8F12 0000
800A8F12 0063

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