Strategy Guide


Level select

At the options screen, press L1, R1, L1, R1, L1, R1. Select the star field beyond what looks like the final level to play the original 1972 Pong.

Unlock first level in all zones

At the zone selection screen, pause the game and press L1, R1, L1, R1, then resume the game.

Unlock second level in all zones

At the zone selection screen, pause the game and press L2, R2, L2, R2, then resume the game.

Unlock third level in all zones and more

At the zone selection screen, pause the game and hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2, then resume the game. This also unlocks the secret power-ups and the three classic black and white Pong versions.

Game Shark Codes

Joker CommandD00D851C ????
P1 Score Modifier801F2B8C 00??
P2 Score Modifier801F2CFC 00??
Have All Gold Bars801F1C84 0063
All Power-Ups P1 (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)50000E02 0001
301F5020 0001
Golden Atari Sign801F1E90 0015
801F1E94 0015
801F1E98 0015
Unlock Zone 2801F1CD0 0100
Unlock Zone 3801F1D10 0100
Unlock Zone 4801F1D50 0100
Unlock Zone 5801F1D90 0100
Unlock Zone 6801F1DD0 0100
Unlock Zone 7801F1E10 0100
Unlock Zone 8/Old School Pong801F1E50 0100
Unlock All Penguin Pong Levels801F1C94 0105
801F1C96 0101
Unlock All Soccer Stars Levels801F1CA0 0105
801F1CA2 0101
Unlock All Log Jam Level801F1CAC 0105
801F1CAE 0101
Unlock All Clown Around Levels801F1CB8 0105
801F1CBA 0101
Unlock All Beach Party Levels801F1CD4 0105
801F1CD6 0101
Unlock All Rock N Roll Levels801F1CE0 0105
801F1CE2 0101
Unlock All Seal Jungle Levels801F1CEC 0101
801F1CEE 0101
Unlock All In A Spin Levels801F1D14 0105
801F1D16 0101
Unlock All Puck Pong Levels801F1D20 0105
801F1D22 0101
Unlock All Fishing Frenzy Levels801F1D2C 0101
801F1D2E 0101
Unlock All Jungle Japes Levels801F1D54 0105
801F1D56 0101
Unlock All Balloon Circus Levels801F1D60 0101
801F1D62 0101
Unlock All Flock Fiasco Levels801F1D6C 0101
801F1D6E 0101
Unlock All Dervish Danger Levels801F1D94 0501
801F1D96 0101
Unlock All Pongball Wizard Levels801F1DA0 0101
801F1DA2 0101
Unlock All Frog Follies Levels801F1DAC 0101
801F1DAE 0101
Unlock All Henhouse Surprise Levels801F1DD4 0501
801F1DD6 0101
Unlock All Polar Pivot Levels801F1DE0 0101
801F1DE2 0101
Unlock All Zone 7 Levels801F1E14 0101
801F1E16 0101
Unlock Pong Size/Speed Secret801F1EA2 0001
801F1EA6 0001
Have Ball Speed Secret801F1EAA 0001
Have Grab Secret801F1EAE 0001
Have Whack Secret801F1EB2 0001
Have Spin Grab Secret801F1EB6 0001
Have After Touch Secret801F1EB8 0001
Have Smart Bomb Secret801F1EBC 0001
Have Magnetic Grab Secret801F1EC0 0001
Have Boomerang Secret801F1EC4 0001
Have Stretch Secret801F1EC8 0001
801F1F00 FFFF
Have Spike Secret801F1ECC 0001
801F1F04 FFFF
Have Turbo Throw Secret801F1ED0 0001
801F1F08 FFFF

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