Street Fighter Collection 2

Note: This game is also titled Capcom Generations 5: Street Fighter Collection 2.

Sound remix option

Complete each game in arcade mode to unlock a sound remix selection at the bottom of each game's option menu. Turn on this option for "brighter" music and sound effects that are more reminiscent of the Super Street Fighter Series.

Deluxe versus mode

Complete all three arcade modes (saving after each time), to unlock a new "Deluxe Versus" mode at the main menu. This mode allows a two player versus game using any character from any version of the game against any other character. Example: Ryu from World Warrior up against Ken from the Turbo edition. A handicap may also be selected; up to eight in game speed; number of rounds, stage selection and sound remix.


The main menu has a "Collection" section which lists a secret box for all three versions of the game. Complete regular arcade mode with any character, on any difficulty setting. Then, save the game from the options menu to unlock the secret boxes. The secret boxes will turn into the following:

    The World Warrior

    18 new pieces of artwork to view.

    Champion Edition

    22 new pieces of artwork to view.

    Turbo Hyper Fighting

    Sound test of the game's music.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Health P18016BEA8 0090
8016BEAA 0090
Infinite Health P28016C1B0 0090
8016C1B2 0090
Unlock SF2 Secrets80148292 0001
Unlock SF2-CE Secrets801482C6 0001
Unlock SF2-THF Sound Test801482FA 0001
Unlock Deluxe Versus Mode80149824 0101
Unlock Sound Remix Option8014825E 0001
Unlock CPU Battle Mode80148262 0001

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