Street Fighter: The Movie

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Play as Akuma

At the character select screen, quickly press Up, R1, Down, L2, Right, L1, Left, R2. If you entered the code correctly, a "ghost" image of Akuma will appear. Now select Guile to play as Akuma.

Debug mode

Pause the game and press Select.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Time801DA364 600D
P1 Infinite Energy801B759A 0070
P1 Infinite "Super"801B76B2 3030
P1 Can Use Some Moves in Air801B7654 0070
P1 Cannot Charge Up Super Meter801B76B2 0000
P1 Character Modifier801B789E ????
P2 Infinite Energy801B793A 0070
P2 Infinite "Super"801B7A52 3030
P2 Can Use Some Moves in Air801B79F4 0070
P2 Cannot Charge Up Super Meter801B7A52 0000
P2 Character Modifier801B7C3E ????
Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Codes
0000 - Ryu
0101 - E. Honda
0202 - Blanka
0303 - Guile
0404 - Ken
0505 - Chun Li
0606 - Zangief
0707 - Akuma
0808 - M.Bison
0909 - Sagat
0A0A - Balrog
0B0B - Vega
0C0C - Cammy
0D0D - Sawada
0E0E - Dee Jay

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