Shadow Tower

Strategy Guide

Game Shark Codes

Infinite HP80198F2A 2AED
Max HP80198F28 2AED
Infinite MP80198F2E 2AED
Max MP80198F2C 2AED
Infinite SP80198F30 2AED
Infinite Duration All Equipped Items8003D262 2400
Max Equipped Items Weight Allowed80198F4C 1200
Equipped Items Weight Nothing80198F4A 0000
Status Always Normal80198F54 0000
Max Weapon Attack80198F32 03E7
80198F34 03E7
Max Magic Attack Right80198F36 03E7
Max Magic Attack Left80198F38 03E7
Max Armor Defense80198F3A 03E7
Max Magic Defense80198F3C 03E7
Max Shield Defense80198F3E 03E7
Max Shield Magic Defense80198F40 03E7
Max Attack Speed80198F42 03E7
Max Magic Speed80198F44 03E7
Max Impact Resistance80198F46 03E7
Max Status Recovery80198F48 03E7
Max Strength80198F8A 03E7
80198FC2 03E7
Max Speed80198F8C 03E7
80198FC4 03E7
Max Defense80198F8E 03E7
80198FC6 03E7
Max Balance80198F90 03E7
80198FC8 03E7
Max Slash80198F92 03E7
80198FCA 03E7
Max Smash80198F94 03E7
80198FCC 03E7
Max Pierce80198F96 03E7
80198FCE 03E7
Max Spirit80198F98 03E7
80198FD0 03E7
Max Focus80198F9A 03E7
80198FD2 03E7
Max Harmony80198F9C 03E7
80198FD4 03E7
Max Purity80198F9E 03E7
80198FD6 03E7
Max Particle80198FA0 03E7
80198FD8 03E7
Max Melting80198FA2 03E7
80198FDA 03E7
Max Soul80198FA4 03E7
80198FDC 03E7
Have All Items (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)5000FF02 0000
801C7590 0063
Have All Items in Bag
(GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)
5000FF02 0000
801C7590 00E3
Status Sub Menu Codes
All 99 Cunes30198F4F 0063
All 265 Items80198F50 0109
All 630 Creatures80198F58 0276
Time is Always 0:0080198F5C 0000

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