Steel Reign

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At the main menu, press L2, L1, R2, Circle, Square, Circle(2), L1, L2, L1.

Secret level

At the main menu, press L1, L2, L1, L2, R2, R1, Square, Circle, Square(2).

All tanks

At the main menu, press L1, L2, L1, Circle, Square, Circle(2), L2, L1, R2. Now you will have access to a super tank with unlimited weapons and all other tanks.

Game Shark Codes

Joker CommandD008E6AC ????
Infinite Shield800B7564 00C8
800B7566 00C8
800B7568 00C8
800B756A 00C8
Infinite Cannon800B7708 0008
Infinite Guided Missiles800B76AE 0008
Infinite Ion Cannon800B7678 0100
Infinite Specials800B76D2 00E8
Infinite Mines800B76F6 0010
Infinite Phoenix Missiles800B76C0 0008
Infinite Plasma800B768A 0100
Infinite Laser I800B7654 0100
Infinite Laser II800B7666 0100
Secret Tank Codes
Venom800B6EA8 0003
8010C390 0003
800B6EA8 0004
8010C390 0004
Cobra800B6EA8 0005
8010C390 0005
Rattler800B6EA8 0006
8010C390 0006
Fang800B6EA8 0007
8010C390 0007
Death Adder800B6EA8 0008
8010C390 0008
Python800B6EA8 0009
8010C390 0009
Desert King800B6EA8 000A
8010C390 000A
Anaconda800B6EA8 000B
8010C390 000B

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