Superbike 2000

Celebrity GamerZ - Jay & Silent Bob's Jason Mewes Video Game Interview

Game Shark Codes

Low TimeD00ACB70 4000
800ACB70 3800
Carl Fogarty Codes
Max Points800AD256 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD254 00??
Wins Modifier800AD258 00??
Troy Corser Codes
Max Points800AD25C 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD25A 00??
Wins Modifier800AD25E 00??
Colin Edwards Codes
Max Points800AD262 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD260 00??
Wins Modifier800AD264 00??
Aaron Slight Codes
Max Points800AD268 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD266 00??
Wins Modifier800AD26A 00??
Akira Yanagawa Codes
Max Points800AD26E 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD26C 00??
Wins Modifier800AD270 00??
Gregorio Lavilla Codes
Max Points800AD274 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD272 00??
Wins Modifier800AD276 00??
Noriyuki Haga Codes
Max Points800AD27A 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD278 00??
Wins Modifier800AD27C 00??
Vittoriano Guareschi Codes
Max Points800AD280 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD27E 00??
Wins Modifier800AD282 00??
Pierfransecco Chili Codes
Max Points800AD286 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD284 00??
Wins Modifier800AD288 00??
Katsuaki Fujiwara Codes
Max Points800AD28C 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD28A 00??
Wins Modifier800AD28E 00??
Peter Goddard Codes
Max Points800AD292 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD290 00??
Wins Modifier800AD294 00??
Igor Jerman Codes
Max Points800AD298 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD296 00??
Wins Modifier800AD29A 00??
Robert Ulm Codes
Max Points800AD29E 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD29C 00??
Wins Modifier800AD2A0 00??
Andreas Meklau Codes
Max Points800AD2A4 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD2A2 00??
Wins Modifier800AD2A6 00??
Carlos Macias Codes
Max Points800AD2AA 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD2A8 00??
Wins Modifier800AD2AC 00??
Lucio Pedercini Codes
Max Points800AD2B0 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD2AE 00??
Wins Modifier800AD2B2 00??
Doriano Romboni Codes
Max Points800AD2B6 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD2B4 00??
Wins Modifier800AD2B8 00??
Jir Mrkyvka Codes
Max Points800AD2BC 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD2BA 00??
Wins Modifier800AD2BE 00??
Valdimir Karban Codes
Max Points800AD2C2 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD2C0 00??
Wins Modifier800AD2C4 00??
Jean-Pierre Jeanoat Codes
Max Points800AD2C8 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD2C6 00??
Wins Modifier800AD2CA 00??
Frederic Protat Codes
Max Points800AD2CE 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD2CC 00??
Wins Modifier800AD2D0 00??
Lance Isaacs Codes
Max Points800AD2D4 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD2D2 00??
Wins Modifier800AD2D6 00??
Guilano Sartoni Codes
Max Points800AD2DA 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD2D8 00??
Wins Modifier800AD2DC 00??
Alessandro Gramigini Codes
Max Points800AD2E0 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD2DE 00??
Wins Modifier800AD2E2 00??
Mario Lucchiari Codes
Max Points800AD2E6 0FFF
Races Modifier800AD2E4 00??
Wins Modifier800AD2E8 00??

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