Saltwater Sportfishing

Game Shark Codes

Stop Time8013E4D0 8CA0
Unlock All Levels8013E66C FFFF
Callenges Complete Codes
Hawaiian Pacific Challenge 1/3301327C7 0001
Hawaiian Pacific Challenge 2/3301327C8 0001
Hawaiian Pacific Challenge 3/3301327C9 0001
Florida Keys Challenge 1/3301327CA 0001
Florida Keys Challenge 2/3301327CB 0001
Florida Keys Challenge 3/3301327CC 0001
South Africa Challenge 1/3301327CD 0001
South Africa Challenge 2/3301327CE 0001
South Africa Challenge 3/3301327CF 0001
Costa Rica Challenge 1/3301327D 00001
Costa Rica Challenge 2/3301327D1 0001
Costa Rica Challenge 3/3301327D2 0001
Bermuda Challenge 1/3301327D3 0001
Bermuda Challenge 2/3301327D4 0001
Bermuda Challenge 3/3301327D5 0001
Indian Ocean Challenge 1/3301327D6 0001
Indian Ocean Challenge 2/3301327D7 0001
Indian Ocean Challenge 3/3301327D8 0001
Alaskan Coast Challenge 1/3301327D9 0001
Alaskan Coast Challenge 2/3301327DA 0001
Alaskan Coast Challenge 3/3301327DB 0001
Cancun/Belize Challenge 1/3301327DC 0001
Cancun/Belize Challenge 2/3301327DD 0001
Cancun/Belize Challenge 3/3301327DE 0001
West Australia Challenge 1/3301327DF 0001
West Australia Challenge 2/3301327E0 0001
West Australia Challenge 3/3301327E1 0001
Cabo San Lucas Challenge 1/3301327E2 0001
Cabo San Lucas Challenge 2/3301327E3 0001
Cabo San Lucas Challenge 3/3301327E4 0001
Southeast Asia Challenge 1/3301327E5 0001
Southeast Asia Challenge 2/3301327E6 0001
Southeast Asia Challenge 3/3301327E7 0001
New Zealand Challenge 1/3301327E8 0001
New Zealand Challenge 2/3301327E9 0001
New Zealand Challenge 3/3301327EA 0001

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