Syphon Filter 3

Strategy Guide

Super Agent mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock "Super Agent" mode. Pause the game to access the options menu and enable the "Super Agent" option. In this mode, all shots are one-hit kills.

End Level

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "End Level" cheat. This allows you to end the level in missions and mini-games.

Jungle level in multi-player mode

Rescue the two women in the Jungle level to unlock the level in multi-player mode.

Game Shark Codes

Unlock All Missions8014F9C4 0013
Extra Ammo (Most Weapons)80066B68 0001
Infinite Ammo (Most Weapons)80066B6E 2400
Infinite Health (All Levels)D005AEFC AAAB
8005AEF4 0258
8005AEF6 2404
8005AEFA A4C4
Infinite Health Codes
Hotel FukushimaD01BB5FA 801B
801BB602 0258
D01BAF8E 801A
801BAF96 0258
Costa Rican PlantationD01B409E 801A
801B40A6 0258
D01B3CB6 801A
801B3CBE 0258
C-5 Galaxy TransportD01B2C4E 801A
801B2C56 0258
D01B2AC6 801A
801B2ACE 0258
Pugari Gold MineD01B4462 801A
801B446A 0258
D01B3FFE 801A
801B4006 0258
Pugari ComplexD01AAB96 801A
801AAB9E 0258
D01AA44A 801A
801AA452 0258
Kabul, AfghanistanD01B0076 801A
801B007E 0258
D01AFE52 801A
801AFE5A 0258
S.S.LoreleiD01BD3C2 801A
801BD3CA 0258
D01BD3B6 801A
801BD3BE 0258
Aztec RuinsD01B2F8A 801A
801B2F92 0258
D01B290E 801A
801B2916 0258
WaterfrontD01B402E 801A
801B4036 0258
D01B39AE 801A
801B39B6 0258
Docks Final AssaultD01A3CDA 8019
801A3CE2 0258
D01A36B2 8019
801A36BA 0258
ConvoyD01A8F16 8019
801A8F1E 0258
D01A8D36 8019
801A8D3E 0258
The BeastD01AABBA 801A
801AABC2 0258
D01AA862 801A
801AA86A 0258
Australian OutbackD01A5B0A 8019
801A5B12 0258
D01A5972 8019
801A597A 0258
St George AustraliaD01AF0FE 801A
801AF106 0258
D01AEC26 801A
801AEC2E 0258
Paradise RidgeD01B39AA 801A
801B39B2 0258
D01B3462 801A
801B346A 0258
Militia CompoundD01B7D22 801A
801B7D2A 0258
D01B7B42 801A
801B7B4A 0258
Underground Bunker801B15DE 801A
801B15E6 0258
D01B1416 801A
801B141E 0258
Senate BuildingD01AE42E 801A
801AE436 0258
D01ADD6A 801A
801ADD72 0258
DC SubwayD01B56D2 801A
801B56DA 0258
D01B51B2 801A
801B51BA 0258
Infinite Ammo Codes
9mm Ammo3012D7E6 0064
Silenced 5mm Ammo3012D7EA 0064
.453012D7EE 0064
Falcon3012D7F2 0064
G183012D7F6 0064
HK-5 Ammo3012D7FE 0064
3012D7FA 0064
PK-1023012D802 0064
M163012D806 0064
H113012D80E 0064
Mars Ammo3012D816 0064
Shotgun3012D822 0064
UAS 123012D826 0064
Sniper Rifle3012D836 0064
Night Vision Rifle3012D83A 0064
Crossbow3012D852 0064
Grenade3012D85E 0064
Gas Greenade3012D862 0064

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