Um Jammer Lammy

Strategy Guide


Bonus Parappa levels

Successfully complete the game, then return to the level selection screen. Press Right until the bonus Parappa levels appear.

Parappa and Lammy two player levels

Successfully complete all of the bonus Parappa levels.

Special menu

Successfully complete all levels in the game, including the Lammy and Parrappa levels. Then, select the "Special" option at the title screen to display a new menu that allows all music to be played while all game characters are dancing under your control.

Customized lyrics and notes

Load the game, then immediately reset the PlayStation when Lammy appears at the title screen. Then allow the game to reload, and a new menu will appear next to Lammy's guitar at the title screen. Use those options to customize the lyrics and notes.

Game Shark Codes

North American Version

P1 Max Score (One Player Mode)80078D12 270F
P1 Max Score (Two Player Mode)801A3514 270F
P1 Always 'Rockin' Modifier80072790 00??
P2 Max Score (Two Player Mode)801A31E8 270F
P2 Always 'Rockin' Modifier8007279A 00??
Unlock All Stages301A58F9 0001
801A58FA 3F3F
801A58FC 3F3F
801A58FE 3F3F
All Stage Crowns301A58E9 000B
801A58EA 3F3F
801A58EC 3F3F
801A58EE 3F3F
All Effect Possession (Press Select)301A58E7 003F
Quantity Digits to Accompany Always 'Rockin' Modifier Codes
00 - Cool
04 - Good
08 - Bad
0C - Awful

Japanese Version

Allows Game to Play in a Mod-Chip System [Note]D01DA762 1040
801DA762 1000
P1 High Score80071DBC 7FFF
P1 Max Score (Press Circle)D007885E 0020
80071CD8 270F
P2 High Score80071DC6 7FFF
P2 Max Score (Press Circle)D007885E 0040
80071CD8 D8F1
Unlock All Stages301A5329 0001
801A532A 3F3F
801A532C 3F3F
801A532E 3F3F
All Stage Crowns301A5319 0001
801A531A 3F3F
801A531C 3F3F
801A531E 3F3F
301A5321 3001
801A5322 3F3F
801A5324 3F3F
801A5326 3F3F
All Effect Possession (Press Select)301A5317 003F

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