WCW/nWo Thunder

Strategy Guide

Unlock individual bonus wrestlers

At the character selection screen, highlight a wrestler and press L1, R1, L2, R2, Select to unlock the next wrestler in that set. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

All wrestlers

At the title screen, press R1(4), L1(4), R2(4), L2(4), Select to unlock all ninety-six bonus wrestlers in the game. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. -From: NHStunner@aol.com

All rings

At the title screen, press L1, L2, R1, R2, L1, L2, R1, R2, Select. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Big heads

At the title screen, press R1(7), R2, Select. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Big head, hands, feet, and weapons

At the title screen, press R2(7), R1, Select. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Might meter

At the title screen, press L2(4), R2(4), L1(4), R1(4), Select. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then the offensive and defensive attributes of each wrestler may be adjusted.

View FMV sequences

At the title screen, press R1(4), L1(4), Select. Then, press Left + X to advance through the sequences, Right + X to move back, or Start(2) to exit.

Ring select

At the options screen, press R1, R2, R1, R2, Select. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, every time Select is pressed, the current ring will advance to the next in the series. To move in reverse, press L1, L2, L1, L2 followed by Select.

Cage ring in any type of match

Enter the options menu, highlight the "Random" ring selection, then press R1, R2, R1, R2, Select. If you entered the code correctly, the word "Cage" will be spoken. Since The Cage ring is not enabled with the "All rings" code, this is the only way to obtain it.

Hidden rants

At the character selection screen, highlight any regular wrestler and press Circle to hear his comments.

Dancing wrestlers

Enable the "All rings" code, then choose the USO ring to have dancing wrestlers. Press L1 to pan to the other side of the ring (except for Battle Royal), R1 to change the view, or L2 for a small dance move. For more dance steps, execute any generic wrestling move such as the hip toss, scoop slam, or backbreaker.

Tons of weapons feature

Set the ring on "Turbo", and a "Tons" feature will open under "Weapons". To get this option on other rings, leave the weapons set to "Tons" and use the ring code instead of the D-pad to choose another ring.


During a match, press Select for another wrestler to enter the ring and interfere with the match.

    Double foot stomp

    Begin a match in the USO ring. Then, go to the top rope and press Triangle or Square.

    Shooting star stomp

    Begin a match in the USO ring. Then, go to the top rope and press X.

Bonus wrestlers

Select one of the following wrestlers and win any championship to unlock the corresponding bonus wrestler.

WrestlerBonus wrestler
"Hollywood" HoganEddy Guerrero
Bret HartVan Hammer
StingStevie Ray
Lex LugerScotty Riggs
The GiantHorace
"Diamond" Dallas PageRey Mysterio Jr.
SaturnSick Boy
GoldbergDisco Inferno
Kevin NashErnest Miller
Scott HallThe Barbarian
Curt HennigMeng
"Macho Man" Randy SavageFit Finley
Rick SteinerReese
Scott SteinerChavo Guerrero Jr.
Chris JerichoLa Parka
Bryan AdamsEric Bischoff
British Bulldog"Mean" Gene Okerlund
Booker T.Miss Elizabeth
Dean MalenkoArn Anderson
WrathBobby Henan
Ultimo DragonKimberly
KidmanLarry Zbysko
The DiscipleSonny Oono
Chris BenoitSteve "Mongo" McMichael
Scott NortonKaz Hayashi
KonnanJimmy Hart
Jim NeidhartRick Rude
"Rowdy" Roddy PiperMike Enos
Buff BagwellPsychosis
KanyonJuventud Guerrera
Alex WrightRick Fuller

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Health P1801FB6B4 03E8
Unlock All Wrestlers50008001 0000
30079F71 0001
Enable Might Meters For All Wrestlers50007F02 0000
8007A070 5741
Infinite Time Out of Ring P1801FB70C 0000
Infinite Time Out of Ring P2801FBC94 0000
Infinite Time Out of Ring P1 & P280093F2E 2400
Ring Modifier80079F4C 00??
80079F4E 0000
Unlock Wrestler Codes
Eddy Guerrero30079F91 0001
Hammer30079F92 0001
Stevie Ray30079F93 0001
Scotty Riggs30079F94 0001
Horace Hogan30079F95 0001
Rey Mysterio Jr.30079F96 0001
Lodi30079F97 0001
Sick Boy30079F98 0001
Disco Inferno30079F99 0001
Ernest Miller30079F9A 0001
Barbarian30079F9B 0001
Meng30079F9C 0001
Fit Finley30079F9D 0001
Reese30079F9E 0001
Chavo Guerrero Jr.30079F9F 0001
La Parka30079FA0 0001
Eric Bischoff30079FA1 0001
Mean Gene30079FA2 0001
Miss Elizabeth30079FA3 0001
Arn Anderson30079FA4 0001
Bobby Heenan30079FA5 0001
Kimberly30079FA6 0001
Larry Zbysko30079FA7 0001
Sonny Oono30079FA8 0001
Mongo30079FA9 0001
Kaz Hayashi30079FAA 0001
Jimmy Hart30079FAB 0001
Rick Rude30079FAC 0001
Enos30079FAD 0001
Psychosis30079FAE 0001
Juventud Guerrera30079FAF 0001
Rick Fuller30079FB0 0001
Ric Flair30079FB1 0001
Johnny Grunge30079FB2 0001
Rocco Rock30079FB3 0001
Glacier30079FB4 0001
Prince Iaukea30079FB5 0001
Vincent30079FB6 0001
Tony Schiavone30079FB7 0001
Iron Mike Tenay30079FB8 0001
Spice30079FB9 0001
Whisper30079FBA 0001
Tygress30079FBB 0001
Fyre30079FBC 0001
A.C. Jazz30079FBD 0001
Chae30079FBE 0001
Lee Marshall30079FBF 0001
Dillinger30079FC0 0001
Zoomie30079FC1 0001
Jamie The Learned30079FC2 0001
StingRay30079FC3 0001
Cobra30079FC4 0001
Reanimator30079FC5 0001
Sleep Dep Ed30079FC6 0001
5 o'clock Tony30079FC7 0001
Uncle Monkey30079FC8 0001
Dudeman30079FC9 0001
John30079FCA 0001
Chicken Boy30079FCB 0001
Dynamite Johnny30079FCC 0001
Benji30079FCD 0001
Wrestling Matt30079FCE 0001
Goochie30079FCF 0001
Devastating Dorizas30079FD0 0001
Veal30079FD1 0001
M.C. Myoue30079FD2 0001
Dave Hoffman30079FD3 0001
Leland Max30079FD4 0001
Sanders30079FD5 0001
Donn Nauert30079FD6 0001
Jym Killy30079FD7 0001
John Ardell30079FD8 0001
Chrome Dome30079FD9 0001
WireFrame30079FDA 0001
Short Circuit30079FDB 0001
Robot30079FDC 0001
Tiffany Pane30079FDD 0001
Astronaut30079FDE 0001
Claude Rains30079FDF 0001
Arge and Varge30079FE0 0001
Indian30079FE1 0001
Cowboy30079FE2 0001
Sargeant30079FE3 0001
Hoof Hearted30079FE4 0001
Bessie30079FE5 0001
Guerrilla30079FE6 0001
Adam30079FE7 0001
Mantis30079FE8 0001
Sailor30079FE9 0001
Zuit Suit30079FEA 0001
Flapper30079FEB 0001
Crush Depth30079FEC 0001
Star Fish30079FED 0001
Snuff30079FEE 0001
Squire30079FEF 0001
Bobby30079FF0 0001
Enable Might Meter Codes
Hollywood Hulk Hogan8007A070 4707
Bret Hart8007A074 4B50
Sting8007A078 4750
Lex Luger8007A07C 4F50
Giant8007A080 5741
Diamond Dallas Page8007A084 5741
Raven8007A088 5B46
Saturn8007A08C 4F46
Goldberg8007A090 635F
Kevin Nash8007A094 555F
Scott Hall8007A098 5155
Curt Hennig8007A09C 4B4C
Macho Man Randy Savage8007A0A0 4F4C
Rick Steiner8007A0A4 554D
Big Poppa Pump8007A0A8 554F
Jericho8007A0AC 4B4E
Brian Adams8007A0B0 4F50
Bulldog8007A0B4 4D4C
Booker T8007A0B8 5145
Dean Malenko8007A0BC 5159
Wrath8007A0C0 5350
Ultimo Dragon8007A0C4 4B55
Billy Kidman8007A0C8 495F
Disciple8007A0CC 4B4D
Chris Benoit8007A0D0 5749
Scott Norton8007A0D4 5955
Konnan8007A0D8 4D50
Anvil8007A0DC 4D4E
Rowdy Roddy Piper8007A0E0 594A
Buff Bagwell8007A0E4 4D41
Kanyon8007A0E8 4D4A
Alex Wright8007A0EC 4757
Eddy Guerrero8007A0F0 4B4A
Hammer8007A0F4 4D4D
Stevie Ray8007A0F8 4F4A
Scotty Riggs8007A0FC 494D
Horace Hogan8007A100 4B49
Rey Mysterio Jr.8007A104 3F4C
Lodi8007A108 3D53
Sick Boy8007A10C 4B3C
Disco Inferno8007A110 4D4C
Ernest Miller8007A114 4B4D
Barbarian8007A118 5B59
Meng8007A11C 6353
Fit Finley8007A120 4D54
Reese8007A124 4B41
Chavo Guerrero Jr.8007A128 4952
La Parka8007A12C 474D
Eric Bischoff8007A130 3749
Mean Gene8007A134 335A
Miss Elizabeth8007A138 3337
Arn Anderson8007A13C 5332
Bobby Heenan8007A140 354E
Kimberly8007A144 3537
Larry Zbysko8007A148 4946
Sonny Oono8007A14C 3D4F
Mongo8007A150 4D59
Kaz Hayashi8007A154 4749
Jimmy Hart8007A158 3D54
Rick Rude8007A15C 4B37
Enos8007A160 474D
Psychosis8007A164 4B46
Juventud Guerrera8007A168 434C
Rick Fuller8007A16C 494B
Quantity Digits to Accompany Ring Modifier Code
00 - Cage
01 - Thunder
02 - Old Thunder
03 - Starrcade
04 - Fall Brawl
05 - Halloween Havoc
06 - Slamboree
07 - Bash at The Beach
08 - Super Brawl
09 - Spring Stampede
0A - Uncensored
0B - Great American Bash
0C - World War III
0D - Road Wild
0E - Souled Out
0F - Turbo
10 - Parking Lot
11 - Castle
12 - Stone Henge
13 - X-treme
14 - Hades
15 - Garden
16 - Under Sea
17 - Roof Top
18 - Space Station
19 - USO
1A - Barnyard
1B - Frontier
1C - The Box

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