Cyberia Strategy Guide

The Rig - Docking bay

The game begins in the Rig's docking bay. Press Up to move forward. The door on the left leads to an elevator, which connects to the Hangar, where a Transfighter is ready. Santos will tell Zak to go through the door on the right, which will lead to Gia and the Gunnery Chair.

Press Right, Up, Up, Up to enter the Rig. Press Up to move down the hall to Zak's right.


When Gia is met, she immediately tells Zak to turn around and disarm his weapon. To avoid being killed, press Left. Gia will kill Zak if this action is delayed, or another action is taken. Zak will remove the power pack from his gun and toss it to Gia.

The Rig will come under attack. Press Up, Up to follow Gia to a Gunnery Chair.

Gunnery Chair

Available ammunition is represented by the red horizontal bars. Shields are represented by the green vertical dots. Note the five blue indicators on the control panel display on bottom middle of screen. These show hull damage to the Rig that Zak is defending. If too much damage is sustained to the Rig hull, it will be destroyed. The dots on the radar display on the left side of the control panel represent the helicopters, hovercraft, fighters and magnetic sea mines that must be destroyed.

After successfully defending the Rig, Gia will congratulate Zak and offer a kiss. To accept her kiss, press Up or just wait. To decline, press Down.

Elevator (only if Gia was not kissed)

Press Up, Up, Up, Up, Up to return to the hallway. Press Right, Up to return to the dock. Press Right, Right, Up, Right, Up to reach the elevator.

The elevator allows movement between the upper dock and the hangar. To operate the elevator press Right, Right, Up and use the buttons in the corner of the room. The view will switch to the BLADES. Move Zak's hand over the Hangar button and select it. The view will switch back to normal. Press Right, Up, Up to enter the elevator.

Press Up, Up, Up, Up, Up to approach the Hangar. Check out the plane by pressing Left, Up. Approach the Bomb Puzzle by pressing Left, Up.

Warehouse (only if Gia was kissed)

Kissing Gia will anger Santos. He will order Zak to be captured. A guard will stun Zak and bring him to a warehouse.

After waking do not move until Gia arrives. Press Up, Left, Up. Zak will retrieve a power pack his weapon before moving to junction in the warehouse. Press Right, Up, Up at the junction to find a ladder. Climb up the ladder by pressing Up, Up.

Press Up, Up to walk down the catwalk and enter a door that leads to the hangar. Once inside, quickly turn around and lock the door by pressing Left, Left, Left, Up. If the door is not locked, a guard will enter the area and shoot Zak. Turn to face the crates next to the locked door and walk towards the door by pressing Left, Up. The view will change, showing Zak looking out from behind the crates. A guard positioned in the hall away from Zak's location. As the guard begins to walk towards Zak, the view will change to a normal walking view, and then a to view from behind Zak. To fire Zak's weapon, press Right to raise the weapon and Fire to shoot. Wait until the guard is raising his weapon before shooting. If Zak fires too early, the shot will miss and the guard will kill him.

Press Up, Up, Up to walk towards the Hangar. A stack of crates will separate Zak from another guard. Wait until the guard is on the left side of the crates, then press Up to move around them. The guard will begin firing at Zak. Wait until the guard pauses, then press Right to move out from behind the crates. Shoot the guard by steadily pressing Fire. To avoid the guard's fire, move Zak back behind the crates by pressing Left.

Press Up to walk to the Transfighter.

Press Up, Left, Up to find the Bomb Puzzle on the Transfighter

Bomb Puzzle

There are three ways of disarming the bomb depending on the puzzle difficulty level that has been selected. The directions are:

After the bomb has been disarmed, board the Transfighter by pressing Up, Right, Up, Up, Up, and fly to Cyberia.

Transfighter Missions

The Arcade difficulty level set when the game begins adjusts the accuracy required for making hits on enemy units. The easy setting displays large target boxes, making enemy ships much easier to hit. Target boxes reduce in size as the difficulty level increases. Enemies will take no damage unless they are targeted.

While playing the Transfighter sequences, there are three small indicators near the top of the screen. The scale on the top right is the Shield levels. Each hit to the ship depletes the shield levels. When the shields are at a very low level, hits from enemy weapons will damage the ship. Shield energy recharges when the system is not being fired upon.

The scale at the top left represents weapons energy levels. As energy is depleted, weapon effectiveness is reduced, until, at very low levels, firing becomes intermittent. Weapons energy recharges while weapons are not in use.

Beneath the weapons energy is a scale representing actual hull damage. When this level drops to zero, the hull of the ship has been breached, and the Transfighter will explode. This scale will not recharge because damage will not be repaired during flight. All scales will return to full during the next Transfighter sequence.

Open Ocean

This is the first Transfighter sequence. The goal is to destroy a large enemy hovercarrier. If the hovercarrier is not eliminated, the Transfighter will be destroyed.

The Transfighter will make five passes at the hovercarrier, while being attacked by hoverfighters, helicopters, boats, and turrets. On the fifth pass, a blue target will appear around the carrier's fuel truck. It must be destroyed to complete the mission.

Military Islands

The Transfighter must pass over a heavily guarded enemy munitions dump on the way to destroy an important enemy submarine. Destroy as many munitions dumps, boats, and aircraft along the way. The large carriers can not be targeted or damaged.

Destroy the series of cruise missiles that will appear in the middle of the screen. Then take careful aim at the blue target box when the submarine is reached. Eliminate it or the Transfighter will be destroyed.


This is the third Transfighter mission. Watch for numerous tanks in the area as well as air defenses. A large hovercraft will rise from behind the canyon walls midway through the mission. It must be destroyed quickly or the Transfighter will be destroyed.

Archangel Military Port

This is the fourth Transfighter mission. The goal is to fly through the military port in order to reach a freight tunnel through the mountains. Watch for numerous air and ground defenses in the area. The entrance to the tunnel is shielded, and the shield generator must be destroyed. As the Transfighter make a pass to attack, a large gun will be aimed from behind the generator building. Destroy the generator building or the Transfighter will be shot down by the gun.

Freight Tunnel

This is the fifth Transfighter mission. The goal is to make it through the tunnel in one piece. Do not fire upon the fuel trucks that are designated by blue target boxes. If they are hit, everything inside the tunnel, including the Transfighter ship, will be destroyed. Hoverfighters will be waiting at the end of the tunnel.


This is the sixth Transfighter mission, in which a refueling center must be reached. Try to be very accurate with your shots in the beginning of the mission in order to conserve weapon energy. Fire individual shots instead of holding down the trigger. Some blue targets are friendly in this portion of the mission. The hardest part of this mission occurs near the end, when several fast enemy fighters attack with missiles. Pay close attention where each of these planes appears on the screen, then repeat the mission and try to anticipate the arrival of each plane. After this point, do not to shoot the helicopter that passes as the Transfighter lands, or the resulting explosion will destroy it.

Ice Canyons

The seventh Transfighter mission is very difficult. Save enough shield and weapon power to defeat the large enemy attack plane at the end of the mission. Try to shoot each enemy aircraft when it is targeted with just one shot. After a sharp turn is made over the water and two enemy helicopters are destroyed, two targets will appear on the right side (one shortly after the other). These ships must be destroyed quickly or the Transfighter will suffer major damage.

Cyberia Complex Upper Level

Puzzle Notes:
Zak's BLADES visor is needed to solve many of the puzzles. During each visor puzzle, the Infra Red Scan (IR), the Magnetic Resonance Scan (MRI), or the Bio-Mass scan may need to be activated. The right side of the visor has a small gauge consisting of four colored blocks that indicate energy level.

The solution to the Visor Puzzles may differ depending upon the puzzle level that selected at the beginning of the game.

Computer Terminal Notes
The information accessed through the terminals will often provide game hints. Always check each room for any active computers. To use a terminal, simply move next to it. If that computer is active it will come on-line with an audible tone.


Disembark the Transfighter and press Up to reach a junction. Follow the path to the right by pressing Right, Up, Up to reach the Rear Entrance; or follow the path to the left by pressing Up, Up, Up to reach the Main Entrance.

Rear Entrance

A ventilation shaft east of the Main Entrance serves as a rear entrance into the complex. Press Up, Up to enter the shaft. Time Zak's moves and press Up to walk past the rotating blades (move when the blade in front of Zak is horizontal). Press Up to enter the Loud Room.

Loud Room

Press Up to walk into the next room. If Zak remains in this area for an extended amount of time, the noise will kill him. Quickly press Up, Up, Up, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up. Zak will enter a Dark Room.

Dark Room

Press Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Up, Up to leave this area. Then, press Up to reach the Security Door.

Main Entrance

The main entrance is to the north and is guarded. To get there, walk north from the Transfighter while staying as far to the left as possible by pressing Up, Up, Up.

When the entrance of the complex is reached, a guard outside will begin shooting. If Zak is shot immediately, the correct path to the entrance was not followed. Stay as far to the right as possible as Zak walks from the Transfighter to the complex. The correct path will lead to a shed that he can hide behind by pressing Up. Correct timing is the key to killing the guard. Try to fire between his shots by pressing Right to move out, Left to move back, and A to fire.

Enter the complex by pressing Up, Up, Up. Walk through the doorway and approach the Perimeter Lock by pressing Up, Up, Up.

Perimeter Lock

Use the MRI to scan the lock and examine the diagram. The lock is opened simple logic, using AND, OR, and NOT gates. Orange indicates a gate is on, and yellow indicates that it is off. Turn on the top right circuit without setting off the trap. The logic used to switch the gates is:

     AND: Off + Off = Off
          Off + On  = Off
          On  + Off = Off
          On  + On  = On
      OR: Off + Off = Off
          Off + On  = On
          On  + Off = On
          On  + On  = On
     NOT:       Off = On
                On  = Off

Press Left, Up to run down the hall to the Security Door.

Security Door

Press Up to face the entry pad on the left.

Levels 1, 2, and 3 solution: Use an infrared scan on the keypad. This will display a reading of heat from the previous person to access the door. The keys are cooling off in the order in which they were touched, allowing Zak to read the combination, which is 2571. After punching in the code, press the enter key on the keypad to open the door.

Press Left, Up to pass through the door and continue down the hall. Zak will be shot if he continues further down the hall after he stops. Enter the Dining Room, which is the first door on the right, by pressing Right, Up.

Dining Room

The dining room contains four guards and must be entered. Shoot the two standing guards on the left by quickly pressing Right, Fire, Right, Fire, then quickly duck behind the crate by pressing Right.

The two remaining guards will duck behind the tables and continue to fire at Zak. Perfect timing is the key to killing these guards. To fire from this position, press Left, Up to stand, then Left or Right to aim while standing, and Fire. Press Down to duck, then Right while ducking to find cover. Try to kill the guard on the right side first.

Return to the hall by pressing Down, Up. (To hear a humorous comment from Zak, re-enter the room by pressing Down, Up, Up, then press Down, Up, Up to leave again.) Press Right, Up to run down the hall to the next door. Enter Alexei's Room by pressing Right, Up.

Alexei's Room

Press Up, Left, Up, Up, Up to access the first terminal. Use the four icons on the left side of the screen to view Alexei's video-mail and note the information given.

Return to the hallway by pressing Left, Up, Up, Up. Press Right, Up to run down the hallway to the next door. Enter the Berthing Area by pressing Right, Up.

Berthing Area

Press Left, Up, Up, Up and note the photograph of Albert Einstein that is hanging on the wall. Leave the room by pressing Down, Up, Right, Up, Up. Press Up, Up to continue running down the hallway. Press Up to enter the door to the Lounge.


Press Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up to look at the hologram that is on the desk. Press Up, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up to step away from the desk and enter the adjacent Conference Room.

Conference Room

As Zak enters the conference room, two men will be engaged in conversation about the Cyberia Project. If Zak tries to enter the room at this point, he will be shot by the man who is standing. Wait until the conversation ends, and the standing man leaves the room.

After he is gone, press Left, Up to hide behind wall. From this position, lean out to fire on the remaining guard. Wait until after he shoots back to kill him. Press Right to move out, Left to move back, and Fire.

Press Right, Up, Left, Up, Up, Up to walk around to the far side of the conference table to find some magazines. Press Left, Up, Right, Up, Up, Left, Up, Up, Right, Up to leave the room through another door. Press Up, Up, Up to run down the new hallway and enter H. Suzuki's Room.

H. Suzuki's Room

Press Up, Right, Up, Left, Up to reach the first computer terminal. Enter "EINSTEIN" for the password and press the Enter key. Select the icon in the top left corner to browse through the base's personnel files. The last record is for a new employee who has been given a temporary access code (a blue incomplete circle, a red cube, and a blue triangle). Note the appearance of the of this code. Select the remaining icons to view video-mail for clues regarding an extra set of keys.

Exit the room and return to the hallway by pressing Right, Up, Up, Left, Up, Up. Press Left, Up to run down the hall. Shoot the man with the grenade by pressing Right, Fire. Run to the Elevator by pressing Up.


Quickly enter the code combination obtained from H. Suzuki's computer terminal to close the elevator doors. This will protect Zak from the blast grenade. Press the buttons repeatedly to cycle through the various shapes to enter the code.

Dark Room

Once in the Dark Room, press Up, Left, Up, Up to move next to the large crate that is blocking a door. Press Right, Up, Up to push the crate out of the way. Press Right, Right, Right, Up to enter the door.

Press Up, Right, Up to step on the elevator and go down to a Red Room.

Cyberia Complex Lower Level - Red Room

Press Right, Up to approach and look through the door at the Lower Level Storeroom.

Lower Level Storeroom

The storeroom on the lower level of the complex has a guard behind a glass wall. If he sees Zak, he will activate a Halon system and flood the room with poisonous gas. Press Up, Up, Up, Up, Up to go through the door and move along the wall next to the window. Move past the guard by watching his movements that cycle from the computer terminal back to his notes. Press Up to go past him when he turns away from the window.

Once past the guard, press Right, Up, Left, Up to leave the room and enter the Lower Level Corridor.

Lower Level Corridor

Press Left, Up, Left, Up enter the Storeroom Guard Room.

Storeroom Guard Room

Press Left to move behind the crates in the room and wait for the guard to notice your presence. Kill the guard by pressing Right to move out, Left to move in, and Fire.

Press Left, Up to return to the Lower Level Corridor.

Lower Level Corridor

Press Left, Up to continue down the hall until a door directly ahead in the corridor appears.

The doors blocking the corridor are guarded by two men on the other side. Press Up to open the door, then quickly press Left to somersault and take cover. From this position, kill the two guards by pressing Up to stand, Down to duck, Left and Right to aim, and Fire.

After the men are killed, Zak will automatically run forward. Press Down, Up, Up, Up, Up to turn around and run towards the opposite end of the corridor. Press Up to read the sign. Press Up to enter the Infirmary.


Press Up, Up to look through the window. Zak needs to obtain the red security pass key that is on a table next to a vent. Press Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up to walk over to the computer terminal. Select the top left icon to view the patient. While the patient is on screen, select the icon below the "ECO" option on the lower right corner of the screen. Note that the vents in the room are now open. Exit back to the main computer screen. Select the remaining icons to read the video-mail.

Press Left, Up, Left, Up, Up, Right, Up to exit the room. Press Up, Left, Up to return to the Lower Level Storeroom. Press Up, Up, Up, Up to return to the Red Room. Press Left to access the Vents.


Press Up to remove the grating, and Up to enter the vents. Press Up, Up, Up, Up to walk inside the vent. Press Left, Up, Up, to take the red security pass through the open vent.

Press Left, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up to return to the Red Room. Return to the door blocking the Lower Level Corridor by pressing Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, Left, Up, Up. Press Left, Up to enter the Cryo-lab door on the left with the red security pass.


Press Left, Up, Right to access the computer terminal. Select the top left icon to discover that an experimental virus has infected certain areas, and although a vaccine has been created, it has also become infected. Five of the eight vaccines have already been used, leaving three that are still usable. Select the second icon from the top to read the video-mail.

To inoculate Zak against the virus, select one of the bottom three icons to go through the culture to destroy the infection. If the game is set with Easy difficulty, at least 50% of the virus must be destroyed. On Medium difficulty, at least 72% must be destroyed. On the Hard level at least 80% must be destroyed. If successful, Zak is informed that the culture is safe to use; otherwise the culture is still contaminated and Zak must try another. After successfully destroying the virus, note the number of the vaccine, (either 6, 7 or 8) that was freed from contamination. This specific vaccine number must be entered in the computer terminal in the Contaminated Zone.

Press Up, Up, Up, Left, Up, Up to go to the Silver Room.

Silver Room

Press Up, Up, Up, Up, Up to enter the Contaminated Zone.

Contaminated Zone

Note there is very little time available in the chamber before the virus will kills Zak. The vaccine number must be entered in the computer, and the inoculation booth must be used quickly. Press Up, Right, Up, Up, Right, Up, Up to enter a purple room. Press Right, Up, Right, Up, Up to access the computer terminal and input the vaccine number. Press Up, Left, Left, Up, Up to step on the inoculator.

Press Up, Up, Up, Up to enter the Charlie Room.

Charlie Room

Press Up, Up to go forward. Press Right, Up, Right, Up to access the computer terminal.

Select the top and bottom icons to learn that some of the virus has mutated into larger creatures called Nanites. The Nanites are infesting a portion of the complex. Since the infested areas contain the only passage to the Cyberia Weapon, it must cleared before proceeding.

Select the middle icon to fly a remote unit, named Charlie, into the infested area and kill the creatures. Every Nanite must be killed. A shock wave device may be fired that will kill all the Nanites in the immediate area. An alarm in the bottom right of the screen will activate if any Nanites get past. If this alarm goes off, immediately press Fire to shoot the shock wave to stop the Nanite from escaping. The Charlie unit has a limited amount of energy available for its weapons systems. The shock wave device uses much more energy than the regular weapons systems, and should only be used in emergencies.

After the Nanites have been exterminated, press Up, Right, Up to enter the door next to the computer terminal. Press Up to run down the hall to the Lower Level Elevator.

Lower Level Elevator

Enter the elevator and walk to the panel by pressing Up, Up.

The doors that lead to the Cyberia Weapon are out of service and must be operated manually. Perform an MRI scan to view the elevator pumps. To open the doors line up the four valves along the center line. Each valve has a pressure switch that when pushed, raises the level of the valve. Each valve falls at different rates. To line up the valves, press the switches to raise each valve in such a way that the valves will line up. The best way to accomplish this is begin with all valves in the bottom position. Select the second valve and hold Fire until the valve is fully elevated. Quickly select the fourth valve and hold Fire until it is fully elevated. Next, select the third valve and hold Fire until it is fully elevated. Finally, select the first valve and hold Fire until it is fully elevated. When the valves line up they will lock in place and the door will open, leading to the Cyberia Weapon.

Cyberia Weapon

Press Up, Up to approach the weapon. Zak will learn that he has a bomb in his brain. Press Up to merge with the Cyberia weapon.

Space Sequence

This final sequence requires accurate aim and the memorization of target locations. Anticipate the arrival of each enemy target and move the cross-hairs to the proper location just before the target actually comes into range. Since weapon energy is unlimited, hold Fire during the entire sequence.

When the launch bay appears towards the end of the sequence, keep the cross-hairs aimed at the center to destroy any emerging fighters.

The ending sequence will be displayed after Devlin has been killed.

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