Demon Chaos


Sengokupu Grand Prix

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Sengokupu Grand Prix.

Better weapons

Earn a "God" rank in a level to get a better weapon.

Breaking Blood Crystals

When you must break a Blood Crystal, place remote fire towers where the demons do not reach you (those whom the Crystal generates). Wait a short time, and the projectiles that shoot the towers will break the Crystal without risk to your men. Note: Do the same for the bigger demons (those similar to dinosaurs).

Extra rage

It is a good idea to place many towers while you advance so that the path you are cleaning will always be giving protection to your men. You will also receive additional "Rage" for every tower made.


When starting a level, press X to select "Stop" so your men do not go by themselves and risk their lives. Press R2 to "Lead" them behind you if you want to attack a Blood Crystal or Great Demon. Some times it is better to not lead them so you can use "Rage" by pressing R1 to clear the way of Demons before leading them.

Final battle

In the final battle, there are four marks where you must place only Life Towers to make the evil aura weaker. If you accidentally placed another kind of tower, have the demons follow you to the towers and let them destroy it. Then, kill the demons, and place a Life Tower there.

In the final battle, try to place as many Life Towers as possible to heal your soldiers. Lead them to destroy the Blood Crystals first. Place Life Towers at the four marks. Then, kill the big demons, then the bigger demons. Meanwhile, the Boss will generate small demons; kill them. When the game tells you to kill the big Boss, do not lead your men. Put them in a safe place, then always place yourself behind the Boss. Hit it in the rear legs repeatedly with or without Rage. You will be safe there. While trying to hit its legs, you will be hitting all the Life Towers placed all over the battlefield. They will give you life and Rage; use it. The Boss walks very slowly and it cannot hit you. When the field finishes to him, it will jump back and shoot you. Run around to its rear again to avoid its fire, then place yourself again in its rear legs.

Defeating Great Demons

When attacking a Great Demon, try to do it from behind so it cannot shoot you. Alternately, lead your men to surround it, and make it impossible for him to move so that you can get into position behind him. Do this with a full Rage bar.

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