Eye Toy: AntiGrav


Play as Crimsond

Successfully complete the Black Rock Ridge level in Style mode to unlock Crimsond.

Play as Drone

Successfully complete the Black Rock Ridge level in Speed mode to unlock Drone.

Alternate costumes

Collect all AG wings in any level to unlock alternate costumes.

New areas

Once you have earned a new and better board, go back to earlier levels to beat old records and uncover new areas.

Avoid crashing

If you are about to crash during a SuperTrick move, simply get to the nearest rail. You will continue the trick on the rail and still get points.

Fall but nothing happens

Go to Aerodome and grind on a rail. Hit all the targets, then go on to the rail above the lava. Hit the rail switch targets, then jump before you go onto the other rail. You should fall, but nothing will happen.

Rated E For Everyone appears on screen

Note: A controller is required for this trick. Near the end where the big jump is, do your special trick then press R1, R2(2), R1, L1, L2(2), L1. The "Rated E For Everyone" sign should appear, but will not affect game play.

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