Fight Club

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Play as Abe Lincoln

Successfully complete arcade mode with all characters to unlock Abe Lincoln.

Play as Fred Durst

Successfully complete story mode to unlock Fred Durst.

Play as Halo

Successfully complete arcade mode with Fred Durst to unlock Halo the bartender.

Play as Richard Chesler

Get fifteen survival mode wins to unlock Richard Chesler.


Successfully complete arcade mode with various characters to unlock movies.

Alternate costumes

At the character selection screen, press Square when choosing a fighter.

Alternate victory pose

Immediately after you fight Lou in arcade mode, your character does a little victory pose. However, when you defeat him using a martial arts fighter (for example, Tyler), you will gather electricity in your hands. As your character is finishing it off, he generates electricity in the palms of his hands.

Break bones

Get your opponent's life in the red zone. Then, press Down + X + Square or Up + Square + Triangle. This is useful when your goal is to break that person's arm.

Break leg

In order to break your opponent's leg, he must be one hit away from defeat; then, press Right + Triangle + Circle.

Kick head

After you defeat an opponent, hold L1 + R1 and press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle to kick them in the head while they are down. Note: This will not work if the opponent taps out.

Easy wins

As soon as your opponent gets back on his feet, execute a punch combo. You only have a small amount of time to hit him when he is not blocking you. Kicks do not work as well, as they usually duck faster and can sweep you on the ground. A good combo would be Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle.

Faster CDP gain

Survival mode allows you to gain 1,000 CDP points on your first victory, and it increases by 250 points with each win. However, the more fights you win, the tougher your enemy becomes.

Opponent fighting styles

A martial artist is a fast punch and kicker. Brawlers do heavy damage with grapples, but are very slow at punching/kicking. The other types are a mix of these two and have respective differences, such as heavy punch/kicks but slow punch/kicks, etc.

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