La Pucelle: Tactics

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Free movement

Go to the battle map view. Switch out any item that is currently equipped with an item that increases your movement. Use your turn to move, then switch your items back to their original positions. You have now moved more than normally possible.

Cave Of Trials

Leave the main continent for the first time, then return to unlock a hidden cave that leads to the Cave Of Trials.

Dark Shrine 2

Successfully complete the Cave Of Trials.

Dark World items

Buy all the items from the item shop. The shop will be restocked with items from the Dark World.

Triple XP (for next battle or Purification), Triple Money, or Triple Effect

Go to the Rosequeen Shop in Pot au Feu City then go to the shop owner. This trick might require some patience, but is well worth it. Buy some Change-ups or any cheap item in the shop, then do the survey. Do any of the four questions and sell the item back. Keep doing this until the girl asks "If you had one wish, what would it be?". Once you have that, you can get any of the triple effects.

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