Madden NFL 2001

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Infinite creation points

Create a player, then go to "Edit Player" at the roster screen. Press Up or Down to choose the player you want to edit. Press Right to get to the speed category. Press X, then press X again.

Challenging a play

You cannot challenge a play on your own, even though the computer will sometimes challenge a play. On very rare occasions you will be asked after a play if you would like to challenge a questionable call. It is usually due to a player running out of bounds.

Touchdown celebrations

Hold one of the following button combinations immediately after scoring a touchdown to perform the corresponding touchdown celebration:

    Hip thrust

    Hold L1 + Square

    Jump spike

    Hold L1 + Circle.

    Say a prayer

    Hold L1 + Triangle.

    Spike football

    Hold L1 + X.

    Shoulder shake

    Hold L1 + R1.

    Slam dunk

    Hold L1 + R2.

Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)EC8B53C8 142898C8
P1 Scores 03D464402 1456E7A5
P1 Scores 993D464402 1456E788
P2 Scores 03D464410 1456E7A5
P2 Scores 993D464410 1456E788

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