MX 2002: Featuring Ricky Carmichael

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Level select

Start the game in two player mode. Have player one hold L2 + R1 and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangle. Then, have player two hold L2 + R2 + Triangle + X.

Additional bikes

To unlock the option to choose between 125cc and 250cc, go through the game in career mode until the last level. Once there, acquire first place to unlock the option to change your cc's on your dirtbikes in any mode.


Get some air, then hold the Trick button and press the indicated button(s) to do the corresponding move:

    Bar Hop: Press Triangle(2).
    Can Can: Press Square(2).
    Cat Nac: Press X, Circle(2).
    Catwalk: Press Square, Triangle.
    Cliff Hanger: Press Circle, Triangle.
    Coffin: Press Triangle, Circle.
    Cordova: Press Circle, Triangle(2).
    Disco Can: Press Square(3).
    Heart Attack: Press X, Triangle.
    Heart Breaker: Hold Analog-stick Down until you have done a complete flip.
    Heel Clicker: Press Triangle.
    Helicopter: Press X, Triangle(2).
    Indian Air: Press X.
    Kiss Of Death: Press Circle(2).
    La-Z-Boy: Press Circle, X.
    McMetz: Press Triangle(3).
    Mulisha Air: Press X, Square.
    Nac Nac: Press Square.
    No Hander: Press Circle.
    Nothing: Press Circle, Square .
    Pendulum: Press Square, Circle.
    Rocket Air: Press X, Circle.
    Rodeo Air: Press Triangle, X.
    Saran Wrap: Press Triangle, Square.
    Seat Grab: Press X(2).
    Suicide Flip: Hold Analog-stick Up until you have done a complete flip.
    Superman Indian: Press X(3).
    Switchblade: Press Square, X.

Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)EC8522A0 144025B4
999 Race Points4CA3ADB4 1456E404
High Stunt Score0CD6A770 1456E7A5
1CD6A770 17E9C70C

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