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Time to be a Hero for the 3rd time
by Matthew Walker

June 5, 2007 - I'm sure that even right now your fingers are bruised from hitting the fret buttons on you guitars for Guitar Hero II. What better way to stress your fingers out than by revealing that another installment into the Guitar Hero pantheon is on its way. Are they tensing up and refusing to work? That's how you know you are ready for the upcoming onslaught you will put your fingers through once you are asked to become a rock legend of heroic status for a third time this fall. Well, there has been a little info finally revealed about this guaranteed hit, and you have to ask yourself one question. Are you ready to rock?

Guitar Hero III screenshot

That is going to be the first question you will have to ask yourself come this fall. Some may have a bit of doubt on the delivery of the game this time around though. Since it was announced earlier this year that Harmonix would no longer be developing any of the Guitar Hero games, some fans have had a fear of the next installment not being up to par. Now that Neversoft will be the ones behind the development, some fans have breathed a sigh of relief on this issue. I, for one, agree with those that have. For starters, Neversoft has been intertwined with the Tony Hawk series for quite some time and the music in those titles inspires even the casual skater to want to hop on their boards and shred the pipe. The name Neversoft also piques the interest of some contributors as well. Where the first installment had some of the best tracks that we could have imagined for a first outing, the second time around brought more noteworthy bands to the game. Now that Neversoft is behind the hit, we can rest assured that there will be even more classic and new wave rock songs for us to jam in our living rooms with.

To drive the point home that we are in safe hands with Neversoft, the first of the confirmed tracks have been released for the game. Some of my personal automatic favorites of the newly released track list are - Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones, Sabatoge by the Beastie Boys, Cult of Personality by Living Colour, and, of course, School's Out by Alice Cooper. Now these are on my top must play as soon as I get them, but the other tracks released are just as pleasing to find out about and pique my eagerness for the fall season to arrive. These titles are - Cherub Rock by the Smashing Pumpkins, The Metal by Tenacious D, My Name is Jonas by Weezer, Knights of Cydonia by Muse, Rock and Roll All Nite by Kiss, Slow Ride by Fog Hat, and last, but certainly not least, Barracuda by Heart. With a beginning list like this, it can only make fans salivate for the release of new tracks that will appear on the title for us to break our fingers over.

Guitar Hero III screenshot

Guitar Hero III has also been confirmed to arrive on the PS2, PS3, Wii, and the Xbox 360. However, the alarming thing is not the fact that the title has been announced on each of these systems, but rather that the guitars will be wireless. That's right, you will be able to work on the moves that make you the rock god this time around instead of being locked into the stand still location we have had in the previous installments. Of course, for the adamant guitar connoisseur, the real question is what style of guitar will we have to play with this time around. For the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the Wii, we will have the legendary Gibson Les Paul to jam with. Over on the PlayStation 2 we will have a completely different guitar to break rock records, the Gibson Kramer. These little tidbits of information about the guitars are enough to get this rock legend wannabe pumped to bang my head while shredding some of my favorite songs.

Guitar Hero III screenshot

The information just keeps coming though. While this could be enough to please most fans, the next bits of info could send fans into rock overload. No one really complained too loudly about the modes of the first two games. Granted, there were only four modes - Quickplay, Career, Face Off, and then in the second title , Co-operative Play. It is expected that these modes will return in the third installment to accompany the new modes. There will be a multiplayer action inspired battle mode; I'm not entirely sure what this will actually mean, but it sounds interesting and enticing. Of course, there will be unlockable content, and then authentic rock venues as well. A mode that has the most potential to produce "war" stories for fans to talk about for a while are the boss battles. Even though the boss battles add a new aspect to how we may defeat the game this time around, there is another piece of info that has the greatest of the great potential: online multiplayer. Just the aspect of being able to rock it out with other fans of the series will have us playing longer than we currently do.

Guitar Hero III screenshot

The fever is building, and rightfully so. Guitar Hero has quickly become the series that everyone has fun playing no matter your musical preference. Of course, there will be info to strum out of RedOctane before the release of the title, and we will keep you posted. Who knows? Maybe the next few tracks released will have songs from legendary bands like Metallica, AC/DC, and maybe Led Zeppelin. Can anyone say Stairway to Heaven?

By Matthew Walker
CCC Freelance Writer


  • Rock for the third time with the new Gibson Les Paul and Kramer wireless controllers.
  • New game modes, boss battles, action inspired battles, and online multiplayer.
  • New songs from rock legends like The Rolling Stones, Smashing Pumpkins and Beastie Boys.

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