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Though the city is pretty unattractive from a visual standpoint compared to other games like it, Hulk can smash or pick up any vehicle, light post, bus stop, mailbox, or pedestrian. You can knock over fire hydrants to let water spray into the streets and, what's more, any building in the city can be completely leveled by repeatedly smashing it. Where Ultimate Destruction let you destroy the odd building, now no structure is safe, as anything can be reduced to rubble either in the midst of battle or if you simply want to bring down your New York landmark of choice. Sadly, while you can break down any building with The Hulk, the animation is extremely cheesy. As you use The Hulk to repeatedly smash the wall, breakaway effects appear until you hear a rumbling and very poor looking bricks start to fall from the sky. In a cloud of smoke, suddenly the building becomes just the foundation, and it's the same animation no matter which building you smash.

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As you roam around the city, you can take part in whatever missions are available. The storyline revolves around the Enclave, a terrorist group that has taken New York City hostage to use it as a training base. As you free-roam, the Enclave commits various acts of terror throughout the city, which usually involve shooting automatic weapons in the streets. When such chaos ensues, you can choose to stop their terror spree or simply continue going about your business. However, Hulk has an infamy rating that must be kept down to keep the Army from stepping in to stop him. Stopping the Enclave training routines helps keep it down in the midst of all his car and building smashing. There are various missions that can be found scattered about the city signified by different, bright-colored beams shining vertically into the sky; completing them progresses you through the story. However, it can be hard to locate the beams with the hazy skyline that limits your view, even from the highest buildings in the city. When you get to the beam, it is marked with an icon and hitting Square accepts it as your new mission. You will have to complete various tasks that include protecting friends such as Rick Jones as well as defeating Enclave attacks and other enemies from The Hulk comics including Ironclad, Vapor, Bi-Beast, and of course, the final Abomination from the film. The missions are simplistic and often involve nothing more than flailing The Hulk about to smash enemies that are blasting various types of weaponry. If it so happens that Hulk keels over and is defeated amidst battle, you have the option to simply restart from the last checkpoint. This game is not difficult by any means (keeping in mind it is rated for teens but will definitely appeal to children).


With the amount of focus this game has on smashing everything in sight, the same physics seem to apply to each and every object you smash. Whether you're hitting large oil tanks, beams, cars, small barrels, or even just a person, they all seem to fly back about the same distance under Hulk's power. Also, many of them seem to make the exact, loud banging sound effect when you hit them. Many times when you throw an object or simply send it flying by running into it with the massive Hulk, you will notice it glide through other solid objects, buildings, and walls. While playing The Incredible Hulk, it is impossible to become immersed in the Marvel Universe, as you are constantly reminded that you are indeed playing a video game with extremely noticeable, eye-straining errors.

The game, however, offers lots of things to do with the amount of missions and mini-games found throughout the city. There are 200 power-ups to find as well as other challenges such as timed races and gaps to jump, signified by floating rings in the sky. The inclusion of characters from the Marvel Universe makes this game fun for comic lovers, though gamers will become easily disillusioned by the amount of visual flaws and how even having the ability of The Hulk in your hands becomes boring after less than a few hours playing this game. For those who already own Ultimate Destruction for their PS2 console, purchasing this sequel will only lead to disappointment.

By Pete Richards
CCC Freelance Writer

The game boasts a large playing field. However, it has been poorly modified for the PS2 version with a visually unappealing cityscape.
Simplistic controls for smashing and jumping with a few combos added gets repetitive with time.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
Smashing various objects results in the same sound effects no matter what it is. The game does a poor job of capturing a true-to-life, city ambience.
Play Value
For the PS2 console, even Hulk fans will become bored of repeatedly smashing poorly rendered objects while roaming. There are, however, lots of mini-games and missions for those who don't become tired of the poor visuals.
Overall Rating - Poor
Not an average. See Rating legend above for a final score breakdown.

Game Features:

  • Relentless devastation: Unleashing The Hulk's anger generates Rage points that increase his incredible power.
  • Complete destruction: Everything in the environment can be used as a weapon.
  • Open world: Players have total freedom to play any way they want, as they move and fight effortlessly throughout the massive city.
  • Models and character designs based on the new film as well as additional characters taken straight from The Hulk comics.

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