Shining Tears

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Cosmic Disc

Give Pios 10 different Enemy Cards to get the Cosmic Disc.

Survival Book

Give Pios 100 different Enemy Cards to get the Survival Book.

Soul Scroll

Give Pios 200 different Enemy Cards to get the Soul Scroll.

Book Of Elders

Give Pios 276 different Enemy Cards to get the Book Of Elders.

New Game+

Successfully complete the game, then load your cleared game file. You will begin the new game with all items, levels, and gold previously attained; however, enemies will be more difficult.

100% kill rate in the ambush in Old Town Way mission

It is possible to get a 100% kill rate in this mission. Just before you approach the last group of enemies in the lower right corner, do not approach them with your main character. Instead, position your main character as far away from them as possible then send your second character over just close enough to have them chase him or her. Lure them to where your first character is waiting and slaughter them. After that, finish the stage with the fight with the main Boss. Provided that you killed all the other enemies, you will get a 100% kill rate at the reward screen.

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