Gun's graphics or gameplay don't exactly scream 'Next Gen' but it is a wild romp nonetheless. by StewXX

November 20, 2005 - Gun is like a combination of Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven, HBO's Deadwood and Rockstar's GTA. It's an open-ended, gritty Western filled with action, violence, side quests and a degree of realism that doesn't necessarily glorify the Old West or turn it into a cliché fest.

But the big question on your mind is probably "If I've played the game already is there anything here worthy of playing the next gen version? There's no reason to spend the extra money on this 360 version as it's too similar to the other next-gen console titles. If you've been saving this one for your new console purchase, there isn't anything else like it on the X360 and it's definitely a worthy action title to add to your collection.

Colton White, as a youngster, was aboard a steamship with his adopted father when it was sabotaged. But before the ship exploded, old Ned threw Colton overboard and left him with a medallion inscribed with the name of a saloon in Montana. Ned lost his life and Colton vowed to put the pieces together of his father's death which he is determined is not an accident. Colton first makes his way to Dodge City where his adventure begins. It will take him throughout the Old West from Kansas to Montana where he will face a variety of outlaws, Indians and lawmen.

"Colton rarely gets to stay in one place too long before he's off on another adventure."

The cutscenes hurry the story along and don't simply mosey. Situations are moved along at a cattle drive's pace. Colton rarely gets to stay in one place too long before he's off on another adventure. The developers could have expanded on some of these situations such as when he becomes a sheriff in Empire City. There are lots of scenarios that could have been culled from this development but it's not given time to bloom. Instead we're rushed off to the next mission; and you can't help but feel a little jipped.

While travelling from town to town, Colton never settles down and the characters that he meets very quickly become memories. Save for the greedy and evil ex-railroad tycoon and his henchmen. A variety of gameplay elements keeps things interesting but at times they seem forced and disrupt the pace. There are puzzles to solve, elements of stealth, strategy, horseback riding and of course shooting. All of these elements are very basic and easy to perform although the horse can be a pain in the ass when shooting. Although there is a pervading mystery to the storyline that needs to be solved these elements don't relate so much to the unraveling of the mystery as they act more like gates that you must open to get closer to the truth. Although it's not linear the game directs you to specific areas instead of making it feel as though you discovered these leads of your own volition. Overall there is a lack of cohesion to many of the gameplay elements.

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System: X360, PS2, GC, X
Dev: Neversoft
Pub: Activision
Release: Nov 2005
Players: 1
Review by StewXX