Watch for this quality wheel in July 2006. by Vaughn Smith

June 26, 2006 - Playing a racing game with a controller is like playing guitar with a tennis racket. At least that's the way you'll see it after taking Logitech's DriveFX Wheel for the Xbox 360 for a spin.

If you haven't used a wheel and pedal setup before, prepare for a healthy learning curve as you'll have to completely adjust your driving techniques, even when playing games that you can ace in your sleep. There are big differences between the steering radius of a 10-inch diameter wheel and a small analog stick and it will require practice before you're smoking the competition.

I put the DriveFX through its paces with Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Project Gotham 3, Burnout Revenge and Ridge Racer 6, the latter being the hardest to control due to its overly-arcade drifting physics. As long as the control config in each game is set to acceleration (RT) and brake (LT), set up will be painless as the wheel is mapped to accept that configuration. Logitech has conveniently placed all of the necessary Xbox 360 buttons on the wheel for game menu navigation. If you haven't played your collection of Xbox 360 racing games for awhile or are looking for a new challenge, this wheel will breathe new life into your favorite hobby.

The 10" wheel has been constructed as a single, durable piece of molded plastic which uses a gas-assisted injection molding process. Two clamps located under the base of the wheel mount provide a solid connection to your desk or table, so wobbling or jerky movements won't hinder your ride. If you don't have a desk, there are no suction cups available on the base which could mean the unit will be susceptible to incidents of slippage. The wheel feels incredible, allowing you to feel the bumps and shakes of the road and the pedals are of equal quality. One drawback to the package is the absense of a stick shift. You can still play games using manual transmission but you'll have to shift using the buttons on the wheel which reduces the overall sense of realism.

Let's face it, anyone can steer a car around a track, but the Logitech's awesome new wheel lets you drive it. If you're going to play the most realistic looking racing games available today, you need the most realistic control to completely immerse you into the experience. Logitech's DriveFX Wheel does just that. It's a definite must buy for those who take X360 racing very seriously.

By Vaughn Smith
CCC Site Director

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Logitech DriveFX Wheel (Xbox 360)
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System: X360
Dev: Logitech
Release: July 2006
Price: $99
Review by Vaughn

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