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Too Much Fluff, Not Enough Flight
by Amanda L. Kondolojy

Although the MySims franchise had a shaky start, the series seemed to have found its stride in recent years by creating MySims-friendly versions of classic game genres. From the construction-friendly MySims Kingdom to the high-speed MySims Racing, there have been plenty of examples where the series has succeeded in balancing genre conventions with a MySims twist. Unfortunately MySims SkyHeroes is a bit of a stumbling block. Though the game has plenty of kid-friendly aerial gameplay, the formula applied here feels too monotonous, and in a series that strives to make experiences fun, MySims SkyHeroes feels dreadfully dull.

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The sad part is that MySims SkyHeroes doesn't start off too terribly. Like all other MySims games, you start by creating a chubby little Sim who will be the game's hero. The Sim creation options here are pretty standard, with the exception of a few aeronautically-themed items. After you are done creating your Sim, you also get the chance to choose the shape and color of your Sim's new plane. However, the game wisely advises you not to take too much time worrying about the plane, as you will be able to keep several customizable planes in your inventory after only a handful of levels.


Once you are done setting up all your customization elements, you are thrust into the world of SkyHeroes. Your character takes the part of an amnesic pilot who has some serious skills, but can't remember who they are or where they are from. The story then evolves into a clichéd good vs. evil story involving the nefarious Morcubus corporation. Although there are some cute and humorous moments, the story never really develops into anything compelling, even on the kiddie-scope. There are good guys, bad guys, and a paper-thin conflict that makes Sesame Street look complex.

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Still, the MySims games have never been much for plot, so the lack of any meaningful story isn't really all that surprising. What is very disappointing (and tanks the game overall) is the extreme repetition featured in the gameplay. The game's missions are set up into two groups: dogfighting and racing. And while you wouldn't expect too much variety in a flying sim game, the watered-down flying in MySims SkyHeroes gets old fast. The game takes an almost kart racing-like approach to the flying and fighting, and you'll have to zoom around finding power-ups and using them on foes to find success. It's a bit like Mario Kart in the air, but with a lot more monotony. Although there are some interesting level designs, none of them make the gameplay feel really interesting after an hour or two, and it's hard not to get the feeling that you could play a majority of the game with your eyes closed after only a few levels. Even if you are thinking about purchasing this game for a younger gamer, I doubt the game's repetitive nature would hold a child's interest for very long, and the inconsistency of the AI might even be a turn-off for them.

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