The Living Challenged Inter-Federal Union of the Undead recently held hearings in Washington blasting the videogame industry for portraying them in a negative light. They argued that "zombies" (the politically incorrect term - they prefer "living challenged" or "undead" or both) have been unfairly portrayed in videogames and cited the Resident Evil series as the biggest offender.

Washington lawmakers saw potential to milk both sides of the argument and cash in on this political hotbed of undead activity, and granted the living challenged the ability to license their likenesses to developers who would then create games where the player controls the "undead" and kills the living. As they say, turnabout is fair play.

We can't help but think that a bunch of zombies running around killing innocent humans won't do much to help the negativity associated with the affliction, but what do we care? We just want to shoot stuff or beat people with disembodied limbs, eat brains and cause general mayhem, albeit in a virtual world.

Thanks to Blitz Games who stepped up to the plate to create such a game, Xbox 360 owners will be able to attack the living and disembowel them in any number of ways. Playing Possession as the Enslaver, the game will feature survival horror tactics within a real time strategy framework, without forgoing insane action for management minutiae.

Other than a few screenshots handed down by the folks at Blitz we really have no other details at this time, aside from the knowledge that they expect to ship the game sometime in 2007. Like the world will even be here by then!

We do know that game shares a similar philosophy with the Xbox game Stubbs the Zombie and we're interested to see what gameplay mechanics each title will bring to the table. With Possession not due for a couple of years, you'll at least be able to get your zombie jones with Stubbs and without having to lay out cash for a new system.

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System: X360
Dev: Blitz Games
Pub: TBA
Release: TBA 2007
Players: 1 - ?
Preview By Vaughn