Zombie Estate 2 Review
Zombie Estate 2 Box Art
System: Xbox 360*, PC
Dev: Jeremy Verchick, Kevin DeYoe
Pub: Jeremy Verchick, Kevin DeYoe
Release: April 12, 2013
Players: 1-4
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p
Yep, Beating Up Zombies Is Still Fun
by Jake Valentine

Zombie Estate 2 combines two of the most overused concepts in gaming: zombies and survival defense. You wouldn’t think that joining together two tired ingredients would create something appealing, but it does. Zombie Estate 2 crafts a simple and engaging game out of used parts.

Zombie Estate 2 is an indie title and acts like it. There’s no fancy story or senseless narrative to distract from the game’s most exquisite feature - killing the crap out of zombies. The game presents you with many ways to contribute to the zombie genocide. You can even heal your friends, and let them do all the killing for you.

Zombie Estate 2 Screenshot

The shocking variety of gameplay options elevates Zombie Estate 2 above its indie game brethren. You can be a tank, healer, or damage dealer. You can fight up close and personal, or shoot from a distance. Not happy with the default weapons? You can buy some between each wave at the shop. Zombie Estate 2 provides the player with more of everything. There are more characters, more guns, and more zombies. Many major releases don’t even offer this amount of customization.


No amount of depth would save Zombie Estate 2 if the actual levels weren’t fun. Fortunately, this game achieves the perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment. The massive zombie horde always makes it feel as if you and your friends are one mistake away from being chow. Even if the danger of losing is actually pretty low, the illusion of defeat makes the game enjoyably tense.

Zombie Estate 2 Screenshot

Zombie Estate 2 has charm. It’s a neat charm that stems from the pixelated visuals. The combination of pixels and a quasi-3D landscape gives the game a retro appeal. I will admit, however, this charm might be my own personal taste. I’m the type of guy who was upset when the Final Fantasy IV remake ditched the pixelated look for a more modern 3D approach. Still, I feel that the old school game design will be a welcome vacation for gamers.

Zombie Estate 2 Screenshot

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